Are you too busy to tend to your yard and/or maintain your property landscape? If so, you should hire Yardsmith, LLC to maintain your outdoor space. We have serviced various yards and landscapes across Canton, GA for many years. Here are some of the landscaping maintenance and yard services we provide:

Lawn Care – It is important that your lawn receives proper care throughout the seasons. If you have no time, then let us maintain your lawn. We have the specific skills and tools to mow grass, spread fertilizer, and do other care solutions. Schedule our service for consistent lawn health and beauty.

Yard Cleaning – You can also hire us to clean your outdoor space. We use various rakes, powerful blowers, and other effective cleaning equipment. We also use proven chemicals to ward off insects and weeds. You can expect us to do such work in a thorough and safe manner. Doing so can let you enjoy a clean yard environment.

Planting and Pruning – Do you want to plant perennial flowers in your yard? You can count on us to place your desired plants. We have the expertise and equipment to plant them the proper way. We can also prune shrubs and trees for you. We use cutting-edge shears, trimmers, loppers, and more. You can expect professional pruning quality for better plant growth and appeal.

Landscape Installation – You can also count on us to install your landscaping features. We have handled stonework, wooden decking, and other materials throughout our experience. You can also trust us to do a dependable maintenance work for your landscape elements. Expect us to bring the proper products to maintain your features like brand new.

You can depend on Yardsmith, LLC to maintain your yard and landscapes in Canton, GA. We also provide other services such as pressure washing, aeration or seating, and more. For maintenance appointments and inquiries, feel free to contact us now at (678) 768-1686.