Lawn Care Maintenance – Best Tips

Watering the lawn is much more than spraying it with a hose and running sprinklers at night. Water management is a major part of a proper lawn care maintenance program. And as water rapidly becomes a scarce source, water conservation plays a more important role in lawn care programs.


The water requirements of a lawn can vary depending on climate, desired level of aesthetics, soil structure and grass species. Many warm season grasses and drought resistant varieties of cool season grasses usually require less than one inch of water per week. Turf, on the other hand, requires at least one inch of water a week in order to stay green and healthy.

 Water Supply

In many regions, watering is mainly obtained through rain, but if necessary, it can be supplemented with irrigation systems or lawn sprinklers. Unfortunately, water supply has been of great concern, and as a result, new watering methods and techniques are developing regularly. Furthermore, homeowners are looking towards drought resistant types of grasses, and lawn care maintenance providers are always looking at new ways to provide a healthy and green lawn with minimal watering.


As we said, a lawn can be watered with an irrigation system or a movable sprinkler. Whatever the case, you have to make sure the spray overlap for even coverage. If you have an automatic sprinkler system installed already, then you have nothing to worry about, as they are designed to provide excellent coverage. If you use lawn sprinklers, then you have to move them throughout the lawn. We highly recommend hiring a lawn contractor and have them install an automatic irrigation system for your lawn.


Experts recommend watering your lawn deep and infrequently in order to simulate natural weather patterns. Frequent and shallow watering leads to weaker plants as they become shallow-rooted.

 As you can see, maintaining a lawn is not as easy as it may sound. There are a lot of tips and tricks only real landscaping service providers are aware of. Yardsmith, LLC is one of those lawn care service providers who know all there is to know about lawn maintenance. If you reside in Canton, GA, call us at (678) 768-1686 and rest assured your lawn is handled by professionals.