Yardsmith, LLC is a company that specializes in lawn care and maintenance and has been in business since 2001. However, we do not offer only that to our clients in Canton, GA. We also build retaining walls. And this also comes with a drainage service that we are happy to offer to both commercial and residential property owners.

If you want to make your landscape eye-catching and make different levels where you can grow different plants, you should get a retaining wall. These can be built of stones, bricks, and concrete and can be in different shades and sizes, depending on your preferences and needs. We, from Yardsmith, LLC, are able to build any kind of wall you may require in a timely and professional manner, thanks to the extensive experience we have acquired over the years. We also utilize the latest equipment on the market and only high-quality materials for all the structures we build.

But having a beautiful retaining wall built is not enough. You have to make sure that the structure allows the water to drain properly. And since we are experts in providing drainage service, you won’t have to worry about that if you hire us. We will build the walls you want in a way that will allow the proper drainage of the water and the structure will stay strong for many years to come.

If you happen to own a property in Canton, GA or any of the surrounding areas within a 20-mile radius, turn to us. Our well-trained and experienced landscapers will be happy to help you create the garden of your dreams. Just give us a call at (678) 768-1686 today if you want to find out more about the things we do and the affordable rates of our high-quality services.